NYC Poker Game Event Update


Dear NYC Poker Players,

Today is October 24th 2012

  • $80 poker tournament at 7pm tonight.  No Limit holdem.  Late players have until 740 to arrive.
    • This is a bounty tournament.  You earn $15 for every player you eliminate from the tournament.
  • Times Square Low Stakes Poker Room.
    • $1/$2 no limit holdem.  Minimum buy in is $50.  Maximum buy in is $300.
    • Players who arrive by 815pm get the Early Bird 10% buy in bonus.
  • Dumbo, Brooklyn Cash Game
    • $1/$1 no limit holdem.   Minimum buy in is $50.  Maximum buy in is $300.
    • This is where we shoot Poker Fight Club, a web show.
  • REMINDER: November 4th Charity Poker Tournament
  • Contact Fred123 via #347.471.1813 – a NYC Poker Hotline.

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