Freezeout Poker Tournament


Dear NYC fellow Poker Players,

You are invited tonight to play $60 Freezeout Poker Tournament.

  • Freeze Out is a poker tournament where players start with a specific amount of chips
  • You can’t add any more chips other than those you won during the tournament.
  • You cannot re-buy during the session if you run out of chips.
  • It is over once the chips run out for a player.

If you are looking for Freezeout tournament then you are in the right place. NYC Poker Tour is one of the best bet for Freezeout tournament play.

  • No Limit Holdem poker tournament.
  • Registration Fee is $10 online.
  • $15 at the door.
  • $50 buy in.
  • No rebuys.
  • The event features a starting stack of 5000 chips.
  • NYC Poker Tour allows member only. New members are welcome.

You are invited here to