$1/$1 NLHE Cash Game @1.00 Pm | Low Stakes


Hi, My name is Jeremy Martin.   I play poker in no limit cash games in New York City.  I can refer you to card clubs, poker rooms, and home games throughout NYC.  Join my mailing list, I include my contact information in every email. I have an awesome set-up inside and the atmosphere is relaxed with good action. My game is completely legal because I do not take a rake. Minimum is $60. Maximum is $400.

Players are welcome to arrive anytime between 6p – 6a. I offer the following bonus in the form of chip.

Buy In Bonuses.

5% – RSVP

5% – Early Bird

5% – Bring a Buddy

5% – 3load

If you would like to come you can reach me at 347-471-1813. Text message preferred. Call for immediate response.