OFC Poker “No Mercy” Mercier, by Isabelle


OFC Poker Basics
When I say OFC, does it ring a bell to you? It’s a drug, and I’m completely addicted to it! More seriously, it’s a game of cards that grows on you, and it’s called open-face Chinese poker (OFC).

I’m playing hundreds and hundreds of hands every day, and got so much into the game that I became an ambassador for Tonybet Poker, the only site where you can actually play OFC cash games and tournaments. There is also a major championship in Prague at the end of the year, and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

In order to maximize my knowledge, I did some research on OFC, and since the available material is scarce, here is my personal little guide to the game. Over the next few weeks, I’ll go over the history of the game, basic rules, starting strategy advice, recommendations for every OFC format (Pineapple, Progressive, and Deuce-to-Seven), anecdotes from players, and finally, some more advanced strategies. Enjoy the Fantasy Ride!

Chinese poker is a relatively young game and still evolving, and very much enjoyed by many poker players. Most of the high rollers we know are all playing this game, too! A few years back while Texas hold’em was becoming popular and exploding all around the globe, a new game actually appeared on the side, and back then it was called “Russian Chinese Poker,” probably due to the large group of Russian players hooked to it. Read Full @pokernews