Why does Social Poker exists?


Social Poker wakes up everyday and has a purpose.

  1. To entertain the people:
    Poker is a sport that people play. We endeavor to make it competitive, engaging, entertaining, and relaxing.
  2. To raise funds for charitable causes:
    Social Poker is another means of bringing people together to raise money and increase awareness. We proactively seek out charities and host events for them in the NYC area. We make it our responsibility to keep humanity moving forward.
  3. To support the local economy:
    SP Events, Inc. hires employees from its community. In addition, we drive our customers to various venues all over the 5 boroughs. Lastly, our gift bags are packed with goodies from local businesses. We believe in supporting our community.
  4. To get a “LIKE” on Facebook:
    We seek your approval. We want your feedback. We will listen to you.

Social Poker provides the ultimate poker experience in New York City.
Casino quality poker tables, chips, cards, and professional dealers.

Events and Players: www.mysocialpoker.com
Facebook and more: www.socialpoker.tv