Ukraine Needs to Regulate Gambling Industry under Social Responsibility Principles, Says UGIA

Ukraine Needs to Regulate Gambling Industry under Social Responsibility Principles, Says UGIA

The Ukrainian Association of the Gaming Industry (UGIA) which organized the first-ever global conference Ukrainian Gaming Summit 2017 posted an event press release today. The organization’s President Iryna Sergienko commented that Ukraine needs to follow the example of other European Countries when it comes to gambling industry regulation based on the principle of social responsibility.

The international one-day conference which took place on December 8th in Kyiv’s Hotel Hyatt Regency was devoted to responsible gabling legalization in Ukraine, and more specifically on the ways to make the gambling industry not only transparent but also beneficial for the country, investors and the society.

As revealed by the UGIA, the country’s Parliament and the competent authorities that took part in the Gaming Summit recognized the fact that Ukraine needs its gaming industry to be properly legalized and regulated. The organization’s President also highlighted the fact that the country’s obligation to ensure adequate legalization of the gaming industry has been created by the Memorandum signed with the International Monetary Fund.

The international speakers who took part in the Summit, shared their experience related to gaming industry regulation and highlighted the fact how important it is for the gambling legislation to be unified on time, sharing that such a step would guarantee optimal integration and prevention for all parties in the market.

Recently, analysts, sociologists and psychologists have been raising the awareness of the need of legalization of the gaming industry, saying that social tension and the scale of gambling addiction are probably going to increase. This, on the other hand, would probably lead to more serious consequences for the society, which would be much harder to eliminate in case that the gaming matters are not put under government control as soon as possible.

Key Topics in the Ukrainian Gaming Summit 2017

As mentioned above, the Ukrainian Gaming Summit 2017 was primarily focused on gambling industry legalization and regulation, featuring several discussions in its agenda.

Responsible legalization of the gaming industry was one of the paramount topics discussed over the conference with a number of speakers taking part, including members of the Parliament, the Deputy Minister of Finances, the Business Ombudsman, etc. The discussion saw a number of key topics included, such as gaming investment projects in the country, successful investment projects’ stories, sources of capital and overview of the gaming industry and its obstacles and perspectives for small, middle and large gaming businesses.

Another key topic featured over the conference was related to the Ukrainian gaming legislation, and more specifically, basic principle of licensingcustomer protection through state governing mechanisms, state regulation and supervision mechanisms, competition in the local gaming industry, state supervision through legal and technological tools, as well as analysis of the already existing law projects in the country.

Last, but not least, the conference’s participants discussed social effects which come as a result of the responsible gambling legalization. The discussion was focused on gambling operators’ responsibility, other countries’ experience to date, as well as responsible gambling advertising and marketing.