N/L Holdem Low Stakes Cash Game


New York City Poker Tour – No Limit Holdem Poker Tournaments with real cash prizes.

N/L Holdem Low Stakes Cash Game @600pm

My name is Jeremy Martin. The poker organizer of Low stakes Poker Room. I offer daily poker games in New York City. Doors open at 6pm. Players are welcome to arrive anytime between 6p – 6a. Every player must be a member. Every player must RSVP. Every player agrees to play for a minimum of 2 hours each session.  Still we serve Pizza at11pm.  Visit Low Stakes No Limit Holdem on Meetup.com for more info about this poker room.

$1000 Freeroll Poker Tournament @700Pm

Every Friday Night I offer Signature Freeroll. Door opens at 600pm and the game starts at 630pm. If more than 55 poker players attend the prize money of signature freeroll always over $1000.

$65 Midnight Madness @ Midnight

No Limit Holdem poker tournament. $65 entry fee. Optional $5 dealer tip for extra chips. Seating @ 1145. Starts @ Midnight. Late registration until 1230a. ***A tribute to the Atlantic City Taj Mahal Midnight Madness Tournament.

New York Free Poker – a bar poker league.  No cash prize.

  • 100% FREE – Bronx + Brooklyn @ 730pm.

Low Stakes Cash Game by Fred123 – Home games, office games, poker clubs, private poker rooms, etc…

  • $1/$1: Open Invite.  ($40 – $300)
  • $1/$3 : – Members only.  ($100 – $500)
  • $2/$5+ – Must have reference. ($200 – $1500)
  • $5/$5+ – require a minimum of $500 to $1000, and maximum buy ins will vary.