Thursday Harlem Games !!


SOCIAL POKER will be hosting no limit holdem poker games in Harlem, New York City starting December 9th 2010. Play poker for free in the Free Poker Tournaments hosted by SOCIAL POKER.  SOCIAL POKER has a Grand Prize of $10,000.  The prize for the Free Poker Tournament is SOCIAL POKER points, you need these points to register in the SOCIAL POKER events that offer cash prizes.

The first SOCIAL POKER event in Harlem, NYC is  free – no registration fee – to play in.  SOCIAL POKER is hosting its first Free Poker Tournament on December 9th 2010.  Seating is limited.  Only 50 players are allowed to participate in the event, so RSVP’ing is very important.  You can RSVP – by texting your name and email to (347) 471-1813 or by emailing  Players are competing for SOCIAL POKER points.

SOCIAL POKER points are used to buy into any event posted on the SOCIAL POKER event calendar.  It is recommended that you use the SOCIAL POKER points to register for a Round 1 Point Builder event.  If you win these events, this is how you win thousands of SOCIAL POKER points, and you need at least 75,000 SOCIAL POKER points to register for Round 2 of SOCIAL POKER -> the filmed cash game.

SOCIAL POKER suggests to those who are new to poker to participate in the free poker tournaments. Winners of these tournaments can win 1000 – 3000 SOCIAL POKER points.  3000 points can get you into a SOCIAL POKER Round 1 event.  These poker tournaments can award 30,000 – 200,000 SOCIAL POKER points, but…

If you want to earn cash…  If you want to win the SOCIAL POKER Grand Prize… If you want the $10,000 cash poker bankroll.  Then you need to play in Round 2 of SOCIAL POKER, our filmed cash game.  It costs 75000 SOCIAL POKER points for $300 SOCIAL POKER dollars, and it costs 750,000 points equals $3000 in SOCIAL POKER dollars

You know what you need to do, can you do it?

Whichever your poker path, SOCIAL POKER is coming to Harlem, New York City.  The first event is a Free Poker Tournament.  RSVP by contacting SOCIAL POKER at or (347) 471-1813. Come and see what SOCIAL POKER is all about, meet the staff, learn the game, play for points – and you could win the money.

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