The Rules by New York Free Poker

All players must agree and adhere to the rules and regulations as published by New York Free Poker INC.

1.        All participants must be 21 years of age and must have a valid photo identification and be able to present this ID if requested.

2.       NYFP is a free to play league.GAMBLING is not permitted nor will it be tolerated at any NYFP event. No side bets, no cash bets etc…of any kind will be allowed. Any player found in violation of this rule will be permanently banned from all NYFP events.

3.        Smoking is not permitted at an NYFP table and a player must smoke a reasonable distance away from the table.  A player may not come to the table to check their hand in play while having a cigarette in-hand or in their mouth…this is considered smoking at the table.

4.        NYFP, its employees, tournament directors and dealers are the hosts and official judges of all  NYFP events. The decisions made by the above, regarding all NYFP events and tournament play, are final.

5.        Tournament play will continue until one player has won all the chips.

6.        Tournament will start promptly at time posted (players should arrive 1 hour before the start of the tournament).

7.        Any seat may be transferred to a substitute player before the start of the event.  This includes making a reasonable accommodation for players with special needs.

8.        Players will be seated randomly and move when directed by a dealer or the Director of Tournament Services.

9.        Chips will be blinded off if player is not present with in the first I hour of play or if the player has left the table for a period not to exceed 1 hour in length.  After that chips are automatically forfeited back to the house.

10.     English is the only language to be spoken at the table.

11.     The stakes are no limit (no limit Texas Hold ‘Em tournament).

12.     The minimum bet is the big blind.

13.     The minimum raise is double the amount of the last bet made on the table.

14.     There will be no foreign chips on the table expect for a maximum of one chip cover (not to be the same chip used during tournament play).

15.     At each color up level, we will round up.

16.     Side pots: Each side pot will be split as a separate pot. They will not be mixed together before the split.

17.     Players must act within a reasonable time.

18.     Calling for the clock: Once a reasonable amount of time bas passed and a clock is called for, a player will be given one minute to make a decision. If action has not been taken by the time the minute is over, there will be 10-second countdown. If a player has not acted on his hand by the
time the countdown is over, the hand will be dead.

19.     Cards must remain on table (on the felt inside the rail).

20.     Players must make their chip stacks visible at all times. Players may not have tournament chips in their pockets at any time. A player who has chips in his pocket will forfeit the chips. The forfeited chips will be taken out of the tournament. In this tournament an oversized chip will be constituted to be a call if the player does not announce a raise. In no-limit, if a player states a raise and uses an oversized chip, the raise will be the maximum amount allowable to the size of that chip, or the initial chip placed on the table in front of the player’s cards.

21.     When raising, a player must either put the amount of the raise in one motion or state the raise amount. By stating the word raise, a player protects his right to raise, but the raise must be made in one additional motion unless be states the amount.  A player’s raise can no be completed by placing and/or dropping one chip at a time into play, unless the player has announced a specific amount.

22.     Verbal declarations in turn are binding. Action out of turn will be binding.

23.     Verbal declarations as to the content of a player’s hand are not binding; however management’s discretion, any player deliberately miscalling his hand may be penalized.  This includes announcing an inappropriate hand to cause another player to “muck” his hand in a show down.

24.     Dead Button: Tournament play will use a dead button.

25.     A player who wishes to use a cellular phone must step away from the table.

26.     Deck changes will be on the dealer push or limit changes or as prescribed by the house. Players may not ask for deck changes.

27.     Zero tolerance for ANY abuse physical or verbal toward any other player, dealer, or member of tournament staff.  This will include the excessive use of profanity and/or the continued loud outbursts of profanity.

28.     Penalties: A penalty may be invoked if a player exposes any card with action pending, if a card(s) goes off of the table, if soft-play occurs, or similar incidents take place. Penalties will be invoked in cases of abuse, disruptive behavior, or similar incidents.

29.     Penalties available for use by the Dealer, the Host, and/or the Director of Tournament Services include but are not limited to: verbal warnings, 10, 20, 30,and 40 minutes away from the table and may be used with discretion. These may be utilized up to and including disqualification. A player who is disqualified shall have his chips removed from play and will be asked to leave.

30.     Verbally disclosing the contents of your hand or advising a player how to play a hand may result in a penalty.

31.     Players are obligated to protect the other players in the tournament at all times. Discussing cards discarded or hand-possibilities is not allowed.

32.     A player who exposes his cards during the play may incur a penalty, and their hand will be considered “mucked,” if other players are still in the hand, with exception of those “all-in,” or a “heads-up” exists.  A player will be allowed a clarification regarding any ruling.

33.     All cards will be turned face up once a player is all in and all action is completed.

34.     Players will turn their cards up or surrender their cards at the request of the dealer.  If a player gives the instruction to do so, the player revealing their hand, or surrendering their cards, may have mucked their hand and be excluded from that hand.  Players should only follow the instruction(s) of the dealer at all times.

35.     When asked by a dealer to reveal your cards, players should reveal their cards directly in front of their playing position.  Players who reveal their cards by throwing them into the middle of the playing table risk the chance of “mucking” their cards.  A players “live hand” which touches another player’s cards, makes an action toward the dealer, touches the muck pile, touches the dead cards, an/or touches the board cards (house cards), will be considered “mucked.”

36.     In a Show Down situation – players who play all the way thru the river must expose their hand.  Players can not “muck” their cards in a heads-up situation if played thru the river.  When instructed, the player must flip their cards and expose their hand.  Players who attempt to fold/muck their hand will be instructed to flip their cards and expose their hand, however it is the dealers responsibility to expose the players cards.

37.     No rabbit hunting is allowed.

38.     When time has elapsed in a round and a new round is announced, the new stakes apply to the next hand. A hand has begun with the first riffle.

39.     Dealers cannot kill a wining hand that was turned face up and was obviously a winning hand, unless one of the above rules applies.

40.     If a dealer kills an unprotected hand, the player will have no redress and will not be entitled to his chips back. An exception would be if a player raised and he had not called yet, he would be entitled to receive his raise back.

41.     The final table (last 10 players) players may change seats and the button will be re-drawn if and only if the main table has 5 or less players.  In all cases the players may only change seats at the final table if and only if the button is redrawn.

42.     Moving players: players will be moved from under the gun to the worst position at management’s discretion.

43.     Players going from a broken table to fill in seats assume the rights and responsibilities of the position. They can get the big blind.  The small blind and the button are considered dead if that position is empty at the time they are moved. The only place they cannot get a hand is between the small blind and the button.  A player moved to balance tables will take the worst position. A dead button situation may occur.

44.     A player who intentionally dodges his blind(s) when moving from a broken table forfeits the blind(s) and or incurs a penalty. The chips will be put into the pot and will be considered dead chips.

45.     Floor people are to consider the best interest of the game and fairness as the top priority in their decision-making process. Unusual circumstances can, on occasion, dictate that the technical interpretation of the rules be ignored in the interest of fairness. The floor person’s decision is final.

46.     Management reserves the right to cancel or alter any event at its sole discretion in the best interest of the tournament or its players.

47.     Chips have no monetary value. All equipment is provided for entertainment only. Chips cannot be redeemed for any monetary value.

48.     There are 3 levels of tournament play: Nightly events, monthly events, and quarterly events.  Anyone can play nightly events, but all other events are by invite based on qualifiers obtained during nightly events or at qualifying events.

49.     Players who qualify for anyone monthly or quarterly tournament more than once will only be awarded one seat per event, however, will receive additional starting chips for each qualification.

50.     Robert’s Rules will be used for any situation not covered above. Director of Tournaments Services and/or the General Manager have the final decision in all disputes.

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