Girls can play Social Poker too. And win BIG!


Who is Social Poker?
Social Poker is no-limit poker in New York City.

What are Social Poker Girls?
Social Poker wants to see as many girls, ladies, and women at the poker table.  You can be a doctor or a student.  It does not matter if you  do not know how-to-play poker.

If you are female and have an interest in learning or playing poker – then you can be a Social Poker Girl.

Why become a Social Poker Girl?
It’s fun – duh!

  • You want to play Social Poker because of the cool prizes we give away to the best female players.
  • You want to play Social Poker because of the uber-awesome people you can meet at a poker table.
  • You want to play Social Poker because of the job opportunities available.
  • Last, but not least, because you are interested in being the Shana Hiatt of Social Poker – our Game Show Hostess.

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How do I get started?

  1. Submit a Social Poker profile.
  2. Attend a Social Poker event.
  3. Participate and SHARE!

Welcome to Social Poker
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Social Poker provides the ultimate poker experience in New York City.
Casino quality poker tables, chips, cards, and professional dealers.

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