New York City Poker School

Poker Tutorials for Absolute Beginners:

  • Welcome.  This is an introduction to no limit holdem poker.  In this tutorial we will discuss the rules, the terminology, and begin to familiarize with everything that happens on a poker table.  At the end of your first class you should feel comfortable sitting in a poker game.

Practice Poker Games to Learn Holdem:

  • Learn to play poker by playing no limit holdem. Practice, practice, practice makes perfect. These are practice poker games for ZERO money.  It is 100% acceptable to ask questions.

Learn How-to Deal no-limit poker classes:

  • Learn how to shuffle cards casino-style for a poker game.
  • Learn the rules of no limit poker.
  • Practice.  Practice.  Practice.
  • Click for details.

Play Poker in NYC today!

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