Winning Sit-n-Go poker tournaments (part 1)


First, what is a Sit-n-Go (SNG)?

A Sit-n-Go is a no limit poker tournament that typically lasts 60 – 90 minutes.

Why would you play in a Sit-n-Go?

  • Unlike cash games or even multi-table holdem tournaments, the sit-n-go can limit the amount of variance (good or bad luck) and skilled players can maximize profit.
  • SNG’s around the world have very similar structures (chips, blinds, number of players, etc…).
  • Because SNG’s are so similar players can scientifically break down the game, and employ the same strategies in every tournament.
  • Financially it makes sense to build your bankroll with SNG’s because the losses are not as big as in cash games and you will win SNG’s more often then multi-table poker tournaments.
  • Playing poker is fun.

How to win the money?

In the beginning of the tournament the blinds will be relatively small compared to your starting chip stack.  You do not have commit too many chips to any pot, and YOU SHOULD NOT over commit to any pot outside of AA or KK.  QQ is a very strong hand, but against AK it is still only 50% to win the hand.  It is important not to overplay “trouble hands” like AJ or KQ.


  1. Try and see cheap flops WITH good position.  This will help you capitalize on any hand where you make a set, straight, or flush.
  2. Cheap flops will help you find opportunity.  PLAY REALLY TIGHT poker post-flop to prevent losing throwing away chips that you will need in the later levels.
  3. Only commit your chips during the early levels if your hand is 75% to win.
  4. If you have the chance to double up in the early half of the tournament, then go for it, otherwise hang on to those chips for the later half of the sit-n-go.   BECAUSE you need to double up, or you will be eliminated from the tournament.