Who is Fred123? The Poker Bio of Jeremy Martin

  • On Facebook I am Fred123.
  • My given name is Jeremy Martin.
  • My fitness clients know me as Jeremy the Trainer or JT.
  • I write as Eddie Mars.
  • On “Open Mic Night” I am Bhamini Aruna, Sanskrit Womanly Sunrise.
  • Plenty of people call me Jay.
  • My first AKA was Carl Winters.

I am a son, brother, cousin, home owner, business owner, fitness and poker personality, ex-boyfriend many times over, that guy, in ridiculously good shape, someone who eats homemade apple sauce regularly; and I live in New York City. Presently in Brooklyn, born in Lenox Hill Hospital and raised as Midtown East baby.

When I am pressed with tough decisions I find that many of my values come from Bushido and Tao. I believe that I have a responsibility to myself and those around me to be mindful of my emotions, my decisions, and my actions. I believe that at the end of the day I have to live my decisions and no other person can carry blame for my actions. (Although I have been known to be quite the critic.)

One of my most loved friends believes in “Live. Love. Give.”
Favorite movie creed, “Strength and Honor.”
Fitness philosophy: Exercise is practicing movement and stability.
I used to believe in “the ends justify the means,” but now disagree with my old reasoning.
The SOCIAL POKER slogan is “Learn the game. Live the life.”


I continue to believe that practicing good health, both physically and mentally, is a good habit that reaps incalculable benefits. I have earned over a dozen certifications in my experiences as a fitness professional. Some of my work was noticed by MTV, NIKE, SELF and Marie Claire magazines.

I have been in the fitness industry since 2000, and started playing poker in 2001. I do not keep a poker journal – which is lame because I have played professionally at one point in my life. I have lost $2,200 in a single hand. I have won a $3,400 hand. I won $1,800 with Jack high. I took home five figures at a Taj Mahal poker tournament. I have played poker on TV. I plan to produce my own poker show within my immediate future (written 12/2010). I have participated in numerous private card rooms in the North East. I owned the original Boston Players Club – BPC was inspired by NYPC or New York Players Club. A small 4 table room located in Chinatown (of Boston). I still very much enjoy the game of poker.

Poker is competition. Fitness keeps me on a competitive level. Being in the practice of making tough decisions and living in tough conditions produces a human that can handle pressure. I am not perfect, but I like to think I have game that is above par.

I love my brother, mother, father, cousins and family.
My friends are my friends and I would not be here without my chosen family.
I appreciate all the support of those who love me and those who hate and hate on me.
I am still here. When in moments of confusion or despair, I reflect on the saying that struggle is a blessing.

It helps us find ourselves.

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