What are the points for?


If you are competing in the New York Free Poker Nightly Event, then you are playing for points. If you do not win a seat to the NYFP Monthly Tournament, then you can qualify for entry by having ranking in the top 33% of players.  This information is posted on the NYFP Leader Board (Click here to view).

You need to collect as many as possible to be eligible for invitation/entry into our monthly tournaments.

First Place: 300 points
2nd Place: 300 points
3rd Place: 150 points
4th Place: 100 points
5th Place: 50 points

Earn 50 Bonus points for making the Final Table or Top Ten.
Earn 50 Bonus points for signing in at every event.

Example: I finished 4th place, what do I win?
You must sign out in order to receive points for placement in the tournament.  50 pts for signing in, 50 pts for Final Table, 100 pts  for earning Fourth Place.

Click here to read about New York Free Poker events and the prizes you can win.

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