Late Night Poker Main Event



is a place that inspires poker players to step up their game and learn everything that is poker. We teach poker, we play poker and we work with other organizations to help, whether it be charity or parties with poker.

LNPME is based out of Long Island City, NY.
LNPME is endorsed by the Poker Players Alliance.

What is the mission of Late Night Poker Main Event?
To work with professional poker players and help people gain access to the World Series Of Poker.  Also to help others with the power of poker, by personal improvement as well as helping others in need.

Created in July 2007 by Dan Gottlieb Poker Player..Contact us directly at

  • Late Night Poker Main Event tournaments are played following standard no limit hold em poker rules.
  • The games are a tournament structure with the champion with all the chips taking first prize.
  • The rake is taken in for the dealer.
  • The dealer does not participate in active game play, although they are are allowed to do so if they forfeit the rake for the prize pool.
  • The games usually have one to two weeks notice if you are originally going and cannot attend, please call before 24 hours of game.
  • If you cancel twice then your seat becomes forfeit and a new player is selected.
  • Cell phones are to be put on silent and not answered or texted till selected breaks.
  • Smoking is allowed in the lobby, but not in the table area.
  • Players hands and/or bets are not to be discussed during game if there are more than two players in the hand.
  • Blind penalty can issued by the dealer if this rule is broken.
  • If knocked out of the tournament you must step at least 3 feet from the table.
  • The rules are final and are not subject to debate or change.

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