Shana Hiatt Biography by Shirley Rosario


Shana Hiatt is not a famous player, but the popularity of poker entertainment programs is significantly due to her.

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As the host of the first three seasons of the Travel Channel’s World Poker Tour broadcasts, Shana established herself as the first babe of poker. NBC refers to her as the “Goddess of Poker”, which may just be intended to promote their Poker After Dark show, but the title suits her well (as seen in Shana Hiatt Photos23)

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When Shana first began doing interviews for the World Poker Tour shows, she knew little about poker. She learned the game by interviewing and learning from the top players who did well on the program, especially in the first season. Novices usually don’t get the chance to listen to the thoughts and reasoning of players like Howard Lederer and Phil Ivey, especially right after they won or lost a tournament. Of course, I’m sure most of the players would be happy to talk to her all night.

Hiatt is basically an online player now, which is no surprise considering how she would be mobbed in a casino if she was playing.

A playboy covergirl in 1995 (Girls of Hawaiian Tropic), Shana was also named to Maxim Magazine’s “Hot 100 of 2005” list. The NBC exposure on Poker After Dark has brought her even more attention.

There is no doubt Shana is a beautiful woman, but I have always been partial to her replacement,Courtney Friel. I have seen both women in person, but have only talked to Courtney. She is not only stunning beautiful, but also sweet as can be.

Since Shana left the World Poker Tour, she has had “dealings” with the company. First her leaving allegedly involved a “hostile working environment”, apparently having something to do with her new husband, Todd Garner. When she started on the show she was married to her second husband, Vince Van Patten’s brother, James. Vince has been one of the WPT commentators since its inception.

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Subsequently, in fall 2006, she had to get an injunction to prevent the World Poker Tour from interfering with her getting the hosting job on Poker After Dark. According to the complaint, NBC had contacted representatives for Hiatt and expressed interest in her working on two poker programs, the NBC National Heads Up Championship and Poker After Dark. Co-founder and CEO of World Poker Tour Enterprises, Steve Lipscomb contacted the powers that be at NBC and told them that she was still under contract with the WPT as part of a non-complete clause in her contract. A non-compete clause is a separate document that often goes hand-in-hand with non-disclosure agreements. Basically, it’s a covenant not to compete by appearing on any similar program. The complaint stated that the non-compete clause was part of Shana’s release, but the lawsuit states that it was never signed byShana Hiatt. The good news for fans is that Shana won her court battle, and she became the best part of the fairly dullPoker After Dark show.

Shana left Poker After Dark to have her first child.

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