Poker Table Building Materials List


What kind of poker table are you trying to build?  The look and feel of the poker table is decided by the materials.  Deciding what materials you are going to use in creating your poker table is a very important step in the building process.

Wood is the main ingredient for your poker table.  You definitely need 2 sheets of 8*4 1/2″ particle board (or plywood, or mdf).  A 3rd sheet, for the base, is completely optional, and will add great stability to your poker table.  A high quality wood for the base layer would look very nice here.

The Playing Surface is entirely up to you.  Felt?  Speed Cloth?  Casino Cloth?  Denim? Billard Cloth?  Each type of material has a unique texture.  You will need an 8*4 piece of fabric.

Foam, 1/4″ closed cell foam for padding under the felt, and 1″ open cell foam for the arm rail padding.

Vinyl for the railing.  6*9″ is the standard cut.

And wood screws, staples, spray adhesive, and extra staples.