Mayfair Club vs. Diamond Club – NYC – 10/1/99


While navigating the world wide web, I, Jeremy Martin, a poker dealer in New York City found one of the few posted comparisons of The Mayfair poker club and The Diamond poker club.

This is an excerpt taken from

“I recently was given the opportunity to play poker at the Mayfair Club in NYC. I played there twice. I was able to join through a referral – I was playing poker in Atlantic City (Sands) and a very nice lady who was playing at the table with me gave me a referral. We had been chit-chatting a bit during the game and when she found out I am from northern New Jersey – she gave me the referral. I also got to play at the Diamond Club – again via a referral. I have played twice at both rooms and have been deciding which I like best. I thought I would give my thoughts on several topics on both rooms and pick a winner for each topic.”

I found this piece to be very worth my time as it reviews many aspects of a poker club with the necessary humor we all appreciate at the table.

  • Location
  • Parking
  • Overall appearance
  • Service and Food
  • Price
  • Games
  • Overall Winner

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