Illegal to run a gambling house or poker room in New York.


If you are playing at a poker game where the establishment is charging a fee to play poker, then you are playing in an illegal poker game.

If there is a police raid, you, the player, will not be arrested. However, you will be held, identified, questioned, and released if you, the player, have no outstanding warrants or any other issues with the police for which they might detain you.

You will lose all money on the table.

But, it is 100% legal to play poker in New York State and New York City.  And that is why Social Poker exists.  Social Poker offers its members safe, friendly, and legal poker games.  You can join Social Poker for FREE.  These are some of the benefits of becoming a Social Poker member.

Don’t take my word on it, read this article by F train a poker playing lawyer.

Do you have a question on the legality of poker in New York City?  So did this guy.

Social Poker has 3 legal no-limit options…
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