How to win the New York City Poker Tour FREEROLL


New York City Poker Tour hosts no limit holdem poker tournaments in NYC.

That’s good for people who want to play poker.  But what about all the people who want to win?

A smart player should have a plan.  Here is a very simple plan to maximize your money at the $1000 FREEROLL by NYC Poker Tour.

How to get chips for FREE

  • 1000 chips for attending.
  • 500 chips for RSVP on Facebook.
  • 500 chips for bringing a friend.
  • 500 chips for EACH day played that week (up to 2000 chips)

How to get MAXIMUM chips for minimum cash

  • DON’T REBUY – $5 dealer tips for an extra 1000 chips every other round?
    $10 rebuy = 1000 chips.  $5 tip = 1000 chips. DON’T REBUY.
  • $60 Add On buys 12000 chips.  And you only get 7000 for $40.
    The $60 Add On has the best value.

Chip Count

  • 4000 chips is the maximum you can start with for FREE.
  • 4000 chips is the maximum you can get for the $5 dealer tip.
  • 12000 chips is the maximum ADD ON.
  • 18,000 chips TOTAL!!!

That’s a lot of chips.  Playing poker for free is great.  Winning this poker tournament for free is hard.  If you want a better shot at winning, this is how you can get the most bang for your buck.  The $60 add-on is where you’ll get the most chips for your money. The $5 dealer tip is what will help you coast through the rebuy period.  There are numerous strategies you can use to win at poker. This is a strategy for smart money management.