How to Play No Limit Holdem Poker (Beginners)

  1. The button will be placed in front of a player, known as the “Dealer”.
  2. The player to the left of the dealer button has to put in the small blind, a required bet.
  3. The player to the left of the small blind has to put in the big blind, a required  bet.
  4. After the blinds are posted each player is dealt two face-down, non-shared, “pocket” cards.
  5. Players begin the first round of betting.  The first player to act (fold, call, or raise) is to the immediate left of the big blind.  The small and big blinds act last pre-flop.
  6. Once the round of betting, or action is complete the dealer places one card face down, “burns” and places three cards face up for all players to share.  The flop is three community cards.
  7. Players complete the second round of betting or action.
  8. Another card is burned and placed face down, and the fourth card is placed face up.  The turn is another community or shared card.
  9. Players complete the third round of betting.
  10. A third card is burned face down, and the the last card, the river is placed face up.  This is the last community card.  There are no more face up or face down cards to be dealt out.
  11. The fourth and final round of action begins with the player to the left of the button.
  12. If two players are in the hand after the betting on the river they must reveal their pocket cards in a “showdown”.
  13. The pot is awarded to the best 5 card hand.
  14. The dealer button is moved clockwise to the adjacent player on the left.

If you are learning how to play poker, or just beginning to play; then we highly recommend you try a Free Poker Tournament before playing with money.