Fred123 creates New York City Poker Tour.


July 13th 2011. Day16.  It’s 3am and I can’t sleep.

I started keeping records for every game on Day8. There were only 2 games on the first and second day.  Between Day8 and Day16  NYC Poker Tour* has hosted 44 games!  On average, that is 5-6 games each night.

*If you don’t know what New York City Poker Tour is, then click to read.

27 Ave C East Village, NY is home base for New York City Poker Tour.   Before becoming NYC’s first poker tournament lounge, it was an actual underground card room.  Personally,  I love the space, it has earned its character and can only be improved upon.  It is very spacious, fitting four poker tables, and has a separate and enclosed area for smokers.

“Out with the old” has taken an extra week, and “in with the new” is taking even longer.  But…

  • Lighting has been improved.
  • We don’t offer cable television.
  • We play music from local internet radio stations.
  • We have an official poker clock.
  • Had no AC. Now full AC. Getting 2 fans.
  • Have yet to finish the ceiling art project. Need materials.
  • Staff is coming together nicely. I am ready to hire a hostess.
  • Also considering opening at noon.

But the doors are open. It is work. It is not stress. Things are falling into place. We have had games everyday. And even though it’s the middle of week2 we have regulars.

The shortest SNG was 10:40 into an 11:00 minute round.  No SNG has lasted longer then 2.5 hours.  Largest prizepool so far was $1800 for the Friday night FREE entry tournament.  There were 72 players at the largest NYCPT event.

The strangest event thus far has to be when Max played with his shirt open down to his navel, his pale belly directly opposit my seat. I couldn’t stop myself from guessing that Max hadn’t done a push up… ever.  Stranger still Max conviced another player to go topless. Only for 9 seconds into the awkward laughter.

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New York City Poker Tour provides no limit holdem players with 10-person and multi-table tournaments.  We have dealers, tournament directors, and I (Fred123) am the pit boss.  We have a full schedule of daily poker tournaments, and every night at 8pm there is Main Event with up to 50 people.

RSVP with (347) 471-1813, The Poker Hotline, text message ready.

Weekly emails. Daily facebook, twitter, youtube. The Poker Hotline is 347#.  My work email is