Poker Pro America

What is Poker Pro America?

Poker Pro America hosts no limit holdem poker tournaments in bars and restaurants around New York City.

  • Poker Players pay to play in these bar poker tournaments.
  • The Prize: entries into more poker tournaments.
  • The Grand Prize is a trip to casino to play, as a sponsored player, in a casino holdem tournament.
    If you win, then you win the cash, but as a sponsored player you will split the winnings with Poker Pro America.
  • Visit the Poker Pro America website.


Poker Pro America offers something really amazing to the average poker player. Poker Pro America is a chance to take it to the next level. This is a very affordable option to getting into a high stakes casino poker tournament. The best part is that you can play locally and do not have to spend time traveling hours and navigating traffic. There are no cash prizes in any of the bar poker games. If you want to play in no limit holdem tournaments with cash prizes, then check out New York City Poker Tour.