Applying the World Series of Poker to Business


Poker and business actually have a lot in common.

The Huffington Post revealed five things entrepreneurs can learn from the World Series of Poker, namely competition, diversification, calculation, “poker face” and changing winners.

In competition, both trades can benefit from studying other players in the field and reviewing their choices and both vie for consumer interest.


Also, similarly, business and poker both value particular roles in the industry, whether entrepreneurs must define themselves and form close relationships with others in the market or whether poker players distinguish themselves with the variations they play and the rivals they develop.

Maintaining a poker face, or in business, being more unpredictable in their advertising practices, can keep their competitors at an arm’s length and behind the curve.

In addition to that, businesses and poker players alike will learn, and learn quickly, that there are factors beyond control. The old adage, practice makes perfect, may apply most aptly here, that both industries should focus on building their skills, understanding the market and adapting as deemed necessary over time.

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