Tournament Cheating At Acr – Joe Ingram’s Investigation Continues


Last week Joe “ChicagoJoey” Ingram put out a video on his YouTube channel talking about possible collusion, multi-accounting, super-using, and botting at America’s Cardroom (WPN) in cash games up to the highest stakes. Yesterday he added a new video where he exposes a tournament loophole which is allowing dozens of accounts to make huge win-rates, again by collusion and other unprincipled tactics.

The loophole, which was brought to Joe’s attention by his “source” is that if players register at the same time during the late registration period, they will be seated in the order the registered, meaning that if 3, 4, or even 5 players join at exactly the same time there is a very good chance they will all end up seating at the same table. Obviously this leaves the door wide open for players looking to cheat other players. As well as the obvious advantage of being able to share hole cards, giving them a huge edge over the remaining players at the table, they can also chip-dump, and if necessary slow down the rate of play to give them a greater chance of making it into the money. Classic collusion.

Armed with this info Ingram then witnessed this taking place with a bunch of linked accounts showing up in late registration in a tournament. He also spent hours trawling through Sharkscope statistics to look at the activity of accounts he had been warned about or simply accounts he noticed had appeared at the same tables as the accounts he was aware of.

When he took his findings to the poker site he was made aware that they already knew about the loophole and thatACR had banned 13 accounts recently for exploiting the loophole. However, Ingram went on to say that he personally had found at least 30 other accounts who he strongly suspects of cheating – all of which have obscene win rates of between 60-85% in the money finishes in tournaments.

When he explored even further into some of these accounts it becomes obvious they have, at some point, changed from being a normal low-stakes/freeroll account to becoming complicit in the sting. One account”newbyPokka” went from having over 8,000 freeroll results with a 2.3% cash rate to an $11 MTT player with an 84.5% cash rate!

After his conversations with the ACR CEO and Head of Security, Ingram’s conclusion was that they appeared more concerned that he was bad-mouthing their company than having any serious intentions of fixing the problem.

It seems that Joe Ingram is determined to see this one through to the end. We look forward to further investigations and would also urge ACR to work harder to eliminate such obvious weaknesses in their set-up.