READ: Socialite Jane Hitchcock Explores Poker World for New Book

Poker is an unlikely obsession for a Georgetown socialist and writer.

Socialite Jane Hitchcock Explores Poker World for New Book

Jane Hitchcock has been playing poker for eight years, an unlikely hobby for a socialite and a writer in Georgetown.

“Poker’s like a big theater,” she said. “Every hand is a scene and everyone’s an actor. But it’s supposed to be that way. That’s the joy of it, that’s the thrill of it and that’s the game of it.”

She recently played a World Poker Tour DeepStacks tournament at Maryland Live casino, according to The Washington Post, and was one of eight women who made it through to Day 2.

This debutante and friend of Jackie Kennedy wrote best-selling murder mysteries. She’s now playing poker at 70 years old.

“Poker is like life,” she said. “At the poker table, everyone makes mistakes, everybody plays hands wrong. It’s a game that teaches you about not dwelling on the past, but also learning from your mistakes. You play the next hand as it comes.”

Hitchcock started playing poker online at PokerStars when a scathing review of social pretensions in Washington left her without some of her friends in the city.

Hitchcock relays her struggles with money thanks to a Ponzi schemer, her first entrance into a casino tournament, home games in Cleveland Park, the hours she spent online playing and how she’s used being underestimated to her advantage.

Her new book, “Bluff,” is in progress and will delve into this world of poker. She’s earned more than $48,000 in tournament cashes over the past four years, according to the Hendon Mob.

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