Priest Sentenced To Prison Sought To Get ‘Revenge’ On God For Losing At Poker

Priest Sentenced To Prison Sought To Get 'Revenge' On God For Losing At Poker

It might be funny if it wasn’t deeply disturbing.

A former priest in Pennsylvania was sentenced Thursday to up to two years in prison after pleading guilty in March to disseminating child porn over the internet. He told authorities that he committed the heinous crimes because he was mad at the lord and said he wanted to “get revenge” for poker losses he blamed on the higher power.

Roman Catholic priest Kevin Gugliotta was hit with 40 felony charges last fall, but the plea deal resulted in prosecutors dropping all but one. The 55-year-old will be on probation for five years after being released and will be a registered sex offender for 25, according to reports.

Gugliotta, who is from New Jersey, has about $200,000 in lifetime tournament earnings, with scores dating back about 15 years. His most recent tournament score, a fourth-place finish at a tournament in L.A. for $15,885, came shortly before he was arrested last September.

The Times Tribune reported that he was removed from his parish by the Archdiocese of Newark amid the investigation last year. Thanks to already spending about 10 months behind bars awaiting trial, Gugliotta could find himself out of custody in a matter of months.

However, poker players on the East Coast and elsewhere shouldn’t worry about finding Gugliotta at their tables anytime soon. Part of the probation includes him not being allowed to gamble or play poker, according to reports.

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