PFC: Suckout of the Month October


Dear NYC Poker Players,

Poker Fight Club is a web filmed in Brooklyn, New York City. We are playing no limit holdem.  The video is also posted on YouTube.

  • Danny went runner runner full house against Fred123’s top two pair.
  • This is a disgusting suck out, where Danny went from less than 1% chance of winning to 5% chance of winning, to winning all the money.
  • There was over $1000 in the pot.
  • Fred123 calls blind (doesn’t look at his hole cards) with Ace – 9.
  • Danny is playing 9 – 4.
  • The flop is Ace – 6 – 9.
  • The turn is 4.
  • The river is 4.
Congratulations Danny on earning Suckout of the Month.