Looking for Poker? Where Should Play?


Dear Poker Players,

Looking for Poker? Where Should You Play?

Generally a poker player has the following options to choose from, they are:

  • Poker Rooms/Casinos
  • Poker with family & friends
  • Charity Poker Tournaments

Poker Rooms/Casinos

Poker Rooms offers similar services to a poker player like Las Vegas or Atlantic City casinos. Each facility provides an comfortable environment for the players to enjoy. For providing these services, the ‘poker host’ will take a small rake or charge you an hourly fee to play. Poker Rooms generally offering a comfortable environment to play. Poker Rooms are generally open 12 or more hours a day and seven days in a week. A poker player can find lot of poker action and head off to the casino. Texas Hold’em is king at Local Poker Rooms. Other poker games are offered when enough poker players are available to fill a table. The entire staff from the dealers to drink servers know their jobs depend on providing the poker players with outstanding service.

Poker Games with friends & family

Every night there are lot of poker games runs between families and friends. You can start playing with your friends at the kitchen table and gradually you can move up to a true poker table. While playing poker it’s a great opportunities for your family to share some quality time.

Charity Poker Tournament

Charity Poker tournaments can be really great social events to support the cause which bring together large number of poker layers.

You can play anyone of the above but I prefer Local Poker Rooms which offers an cozy environment for the players to enjoy. We have 1/2 nlhe Poker Daily around Midtown. If you are interested, Please Text: Poker1234 to our 24 hours Hotline #347.471.1813 with your full name, email & occupation.