Jonathan Poche Wins 2018 WSOP Circuit Hard Rock Tulsa Main Event

Jonathan Poche Wins 2018 WSOP Circuit Hard Rock Tulsa Main Event

Jonathan Poche won the WSOP Circuit Main Event at the Hard Rock Tulsa, defeating a field of 721 total entries to win $216,307. This was his second main event victory on the 2018 WSOP Circuit, almost seven years after he taken down the 2011 WSOP Circuit Regional Championship Harrah’s New Orleans for $121,017.

Jonathan Poche is an oilfield engineer based out of Youngsville, Louisiana. In spite of not being a poker pro, he has had a lot of success playing poker tourney, with lifetime earnings now exceed $650,000.

Official Final Table Results of Tulsa Main Event:-

Place Player City & State Earnings
1 Jonathan Poche Youngsville, LA $216,307
2 Chad Smith Dallas, TX $133,349
3 Mashir Khan Edmond, OK $98,308
4 Josh Turner St. Louis, MO $73,272
5 Jeff Fielder Des Moines, IA $55,340
6 Charlie Adkins Amarillo, TX $42,341
7 Mike Horchoff River Ridge, LA $32,802
8 Matthew Colvin Dallas, TX $25,729
9 Sayed Khan Carrollton, TX $20,430
10  Jacob Daniels Katy, TX $16,417


Smith raised to 250,000 on the button and Jonathan Poche defended his big blind. The flop is 10Heart Suit6Heart Suit2Spade Suit and Poche checks a bet of 225,000. Poche calls. The turn was the 2Heart Suit and Poche opts to lead, making it 475,000. Smith made the call and the river comes to the 8Spade Suit and Poche shoves with his covering stack. Poche moved all-in and after some thought Smith called with the ASpade SuitKHeart Suit. Poche had made trip deuces with the 9Diamond Suit2Diamond Suit, earning him the pot and the title. Smith took home $133,349 as the second-place finisher.

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