Jason Acosta Wins PokerStars Festival New Jersey


Jason Acosta wins the PokerStars Live Festival New Jersey Main Event on PokerStarsNJ.com for a $38,220 first-place prize, roughly triple his previous total of live winnings.


Jason Acosta said “I’ve won tournaments online before, but nothing for this amount of money. It was a really tough field. There were a lot of solid players. This is the top for me.”


Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Jason Acosta USA $38,220
2 Michael Gagliano USA $28,116
3 Eli Kim USA $20,683
4 David Johnston USA $15,215
5 Matt Affleck USA $11,193
6 Sridhar Sangannagari USA $8,234
7 Rocco Dicondina USA $6,057
8 Peter Smyth UK $4,455