Fall 2013 NYC Poker Event Update


Dear New York City Poker Player,

New poker games for Fall 2013.  

  • Tournament and cash game schedule attached at the bottom.  Locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn.
  • Midtown Poker Club.  New Management.  New location.
  • Visit the Social Poker Calendar for more information.
  • And, in celebration of my birthday:

I hope you all had a great summer.  I took a week off in July to visit some friends, who had registered for several events at the World Series of Poker (photos on Facebook).  I have visited  Vegas before but never during the WSOP.  We spent a week at the Rio, the hotel and casino that hosts the series.  Therefore there is only an elevator ride between me, the fish, and an endless sea of would-be could-be poker pescatarians.  I did not play in any events myself, I’m a cash game grinder, seriously, I haven’t booked a casino poker tournament win since 2006.  Sin City has plenty to offer: outdoor pool, blackjack, 130 degree heat wave, atm withdrawl, black jack, shopping, eating, atm, atm, atm… And Open Face Chinese Poker and Big O, two types of poker I have never played before.

  • Open Face Chinese Poker is 13 card game played by 2 to 4 opponents.  Open Face is actually is a new twist on the classic 5-5-3 Chinese Poker.  The popularity is undeniable, with applications on iTunes and Android, the action on the pvp is filling the void between live hands for many in the side betting community.   YouTube video: Open Face Chinese (OFC) poker intro by Barry Greenstein.
  • And Big O is short for Big Omaha, where each player is dealt 5 hole cards.  This takes “F*** Omaha” to another level.  I can do hold’em math.  I can count my outs in omaha.  But I don’t like a game where my opponents are 40% to win EVERY HAND.  Don’t get me wrong, I am an action junkie, I’ve been a poker guy since 2003. However, after the turn and before the river,  you can yourself thinking “yes, Yes, YES!”.  And after the river there are no words, only #FML and #WTF.

On my last day in Vegas, I made a solemn vow to be “down less”. The Aria was packed, the wait list was 75+, as soon as there was an open seat, I walked over and announced my goals for the day: (1) get drunk, and (2) leave “down less”. Approximately 11 hours later, after 5 cups of coffee and 13 shots of tequila, I boarded the red-eye back to NYC.  And I was minus $300 after spending a week in Las Vegas.  This is a win in my book. The Borgata Fall Poker Open is coming to a close (visit the Social Poker Facebook page to find which of our friends booked a few wins this year) and the action will be returning to New York City very soon.  The party is just getting started though.  Mr. Angry Bird is celebrating his birthday this month, and I’m a Libra, so I’m celebrating for the next four weeks!

Poker Tournaments:

  • Manhattan
  • $100 Sit N Go (Tues @ 7p)
  • $150 Bounty (W @ 7p)
  • *NEW* $120 Football & Poker (Sun @ 1p)
  • Brooklyn
  • Freeroll (M & Th & Sa @ 630)  *Early players get in for free.
  • $20 Poker Party (M & th & Sa @ 7p) *Late players pay $20.
  • $60 Deep Stack (F @ 7p)

Cash Games:

  • Manhattan Poker Club:
  • NLHE: $1/3 & $2/$5
  • PLO: $5/$5
  • Daily.  Opens @ 4pm.  Closes after breakfast.