“Fake” Ben Sulsky Scams Player In High Stakes Coaching Sting


A con-artist posing as online highstakes legend Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky has scammed at least one player in an elaborate high stakes coaching ruse.

The poker community were alerted to the scammer last Wednesday when 2+2 forum member Sirrybob made a post detailing how a person using the Skype name BenSulsky had been a part of various large poker Skype chat groups in Sirrybob’s words ‘basically sitting there waiting for the opportunity to scam’.

The scam unfolded after Sirrybob privately messaged ‘BenSulsky’ to ask about coaching. According to Sirrybob‘He answered in a very helpful/informative manner, spoke like Ben, everything he said made a lot of sense (in retrospect – this guy had done a lot of homework reading forum posts and watching videos).’.

After their discussion Sirrybob arranged a three-hour  group coaching session for which, he continued, ‘he wanted money in advance. The second I sent the money (via bitcoin), the guy dissappeared.’

Clearly Sirrybob hadn’t been exacting in his due dilligence and as a result was open to being scammed in such a way. However, considering that Sirrybob is already a competent pro player looking for high stakes coaching, he clearly knows what he is talking about when it comes to poker, and the fact that ‘BenSulsky’ was able to convince him of his credentials after what seemed like a reasonably in-depth online discussion makes you wonder if the scammer could make more money at the tables than scamming a few hundred dollars off of unsuspecting players?

Of course, as is the way at 2+2’s News, Views & Gossip forum the trolls were out in force, with member HORUSin particular managing to put together a quite impressive collection of meme’s at Sirrybob’s expense. My personal favourites include:

The real Ben Sulsky also seemed to enjoy the memes and commented that he had already been alerted to the scam by the OP prior to the public thread saying;

“Wow, honored to be a part of teh memes :d

The OP was given my skype name following the scam and he explained to me what happened. Obviously it’s ****ing brutal this happened to him and it sucks my name was all mixed up in this. I don’t know what to say other than to insist on seeing the coach face to face and being completely sure you’re getting what you pay for before sending.

My thanks to the SirryBob for coming forward with this and helping others keep themselves safe from these types of scams.”