Dnegs On Doug Polk: “He Is Looking To Create Drama By Shitting On Everybody Else”


The feud between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk reached its boiling point earlier this month, when Polk called out Negreanu on Joe Ingram’s podcast.

Polk brought up the Canadian’s previous comments regarding the rake increases on PokerStars and called Negreanu, among other things, an “embarrassment to the game” and “a little bitch”.

While Negreanu did respond to some of the comments made by Polk, he seemed to be not willing to change his stance on the general rake debate, still saying the rake increases can be actually “a good thing” for recreational players.

However, what really seems to bother Negreanu, is the fact that Doug Polk is also a nominee for “Poker’s Biggest Influencer” award this year at American Poker Awards:

  • As far as I’m concerned he’s a net negative because most of what he does is looking to create drama by shitting on everybody else, whether it’s Jason Mercier or Ben Tollerene.That’s kinda shitty, to shit on people just to get views.