In his latest “In Conversation With…” video, Paul Phua talks “playing the player” with Dan “jungleman” Cates and Poker King Club President and CEO, Winfred Yu.

The video starts with a question put to Winfred Yu who is asked if he had a short-stack and was going to bluff all-in, who would he rather be playing against, Paul or Dan. The question seems to amuse Winfred who clearly has a history of bluffing Phua as he says that Phua’s response would be, “Why do you only bluff me, nobody else at the table?”

However, he thens goes on to say that it would depend on if Phua was losing as, in Phua’s words, “If I’m losing I might call…I might make the call, Most of the time!” Winfred’s advice in this situation?, “If he’s losing, don’t bluff him!”

Above: Winfred Yu offers the invaluable advice to anyone thinking of playing Paul Phua “If he’s losing, don’t bluff him!”

The question leads into a discussion about how it it’s more difficult to bluff an analytical player (like Dan Cates), but that in certain situations it can be difficult to make the correct play for psychological reasons. For instance, although mathematically it could be the correct decision to make a play that will lose more often than win given the odds you might be getting to call, that in a live setting or at a TV table of a tournament, that players tend to play a little more passively for fear of looking stupid. Cates also notes that there can be added pressure to not make a move which may be deemed “stupid” (but which could really be the correct play) if you are being backed and your backers are watching.

Cates goes on to say that this is why someone like Fedor (Holz) can end up running over a final table as he plays “pretty out of line, compared to everyone else”, while other players are playing a little more passively.

The leads into a further discussion about the correct way to play at a final table, which style you should adopt, who to avoid, and ICM considerations.

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