Chris Moorman, the most successful online tournament player of all time took part in a revealing podcast with fellow online tourney pro, vlogger, and PokerTube podcaster, Jeff ‘Boski’ Sluzinski earlier this week. The topics covered included Chris’s new book “Moorman”, the huge stable of ‘horses’ he staked which almost left him broke, and employing Jason Koon as his personal trainer.

Chris, better known on the online streets as ‘Moorman1’ has over $19m in live and online tournament cashes; he is the all-time biggest money winner in online tournaments where he has won over $14m, as well as over $5m in live tourney cashes (including a WPT win for over $1m in 2014, and a WSOP bracelet just two months ago for $1/2m) and an incredible 25 PocketFives Triple Crowns (to win a P5 Triple Crown a player must win three online MTT’s with a minimum of 100 players and with at least a $10,000 prizepool on three different poker networks within a seven-day period)

Above: Chris Moorman en-route to his $3,000 NLHE 6max WSOP win this summer

Back in 2014 Moorman was asked to write a poker book, resulting in “Moorman’s Book of Poker”, where Chris analysed 80 poker hands played by co-author and mid-stakes player Byron Jacobs. This time around Chris has authored, “Moorman – The Inside Story of the Most Successful Poker Player of All Time”. According to Moorman, the first book was something he was asked to write rather than something which he particularly wanted to do, whereas the new book would appear to offer the reader a little bit more, as instead of critiquing a mid-stakes player’s hands, he offers insights into some of the most important hands he’s played in his illustrious career. The book also serves as more of an autobiography, something which will obviously appeal more to his fans than his first book.

While discussing the book with Boski from his home in Las Vegas (Moorman spends around 5 months a year in ths states and has stayed behind after the WSOP to play more live cash), Moorman also tells the somewhat ridiculous story of how he ended up staking over thirty players on his own, on occasion to the tune of more than $1,000,000 a month! Moorman isn’t exactly clear how much he ended up out of pocket, as along with the lows and certain players who left the stable hundreds of thousands of dollars in make-up, he did enjoy some big successes – in fact it was his first flush of success which propelled him into increasing his stable. In the 2010 PCA(Moorman actually said 2009 but a little bit of digging revealed it was 2010), Chris had staked Tyler Reiman in the Main Event where he ended up finishing second for some $1,750,000. As Reiman was already in make-up, Moorman apparently made over $1,000,000 that day whilst watching the game in the Bahamas getting drunk!

The backing saga had rather a sorry conclusion, however, as after losing a decent chunk of money Chris eventually decided to cut his losses and drop his horses. Apparently within a week or so one of axing one of his players who was $500k in make-up, the same player won a WCOOP event for $60k, followed up a couple of days later by chopping the Main Event for $430k. All of this money would have been Chris’s had he kept him on for just one week longer – as it is he got zero!

Later in the pod Jeff notes that Moorman was looking in good shape which leads to the story of how Chris facebook messaged man-mountain Jason Koon back in 2011 to ask if he wanted to come and stay with him in Cyprus (where Moorman was living at the time) and in exchange for putting him in tournaments, Jason could act as his personal trainer/chef for a while. Apparently Koon had practically booked the ticket out there by the end of the chat and ended up staying with Moorman for several months which resulted in lots of gym time, lots of salads, and ultimately in a 60 pound weight loss!

There are plenty more interesting nuggest in the hour-long podcast, and you can check it out in full below:

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