Arseniy Karmatskiy wins 2018 EPT Sochi Main Event.


The Russian poker pro Arseniy Karmatskiy wins 2018 European Poker Tour Sochi Main Event. He defeated a field of 861 total entries to win 27,300,000 ₽ ($475,500 approx.), including a PokerStars Players NL Holdem Championship Platinum Pass which gives him an all-expenses-paid entry to the $25,000 PSPC event in the Bahamas next year. This was the biggest result of his career that increased his lifetime earnings to $786,447.

“I’ve never played a $25,000 tournament. It’s going to be a great experience to play such a big tournament,” Karmatskiy said.

It wasn’t an easy road to victory for him, while Arseniy Karmatskiy started the day with a large lead. He was almost eliminated in 4th place but struck a one outer to stay alive. After that, he won a massive flip to regain a monster chip lead and he coasted to victory.

Viktor Shegai tried hard to come back, but he got his last nine or so big blinds in with J♣8♣ against Karmatskiy’s Q♠10♦. The 7♦T♣6♦ flop brought top pair for Karmatskiy but he wasn’t out of the woods just yet. Shegai could still hit a jack, a nine for the straight or running clubs. The 7♠ turn was a good card for Karmatskiy and narrowed Shegai’s outs to jacks and nines only. The river was a 6♥ and it makes Karmatskiy new EPT Sochi Main Event champion.

Congratulations to Arseniy Karmatskiy on the win.

Here’s the final result of 2018 EPT Sochi Main Event:-

PlacePlayerEarnings (USD)
1Arseniy Karmatskiy$464,100
2Viktor Shegai$281,520
3Ernest Shakarian$198,696
4Vahe Martiroysyan$149,022
5Mikhail Kovalyuk$117,696
6Sergey Kerzhakov$88,230
7Andrey Kaygorodsev$62,019
8Mikhail Plakkhin$43,860
9Dmitriy Zhukov$34,680


Photo courtesy PokerStars.