64-year young John Hesp fulfils his dreams and wins £2 Million in the WSOP Main Event

  • John Hesp finished fourth in the tournament featuring 7,221 players
  • For the 64-year old retired businessman, playing in the WSOP Main Event was one of the things on his bucket list
  • Walks away with a staggering $2.6M

The World Series of Poker Main Event has concluded, creating nine brand new millionaires. Among them is the 64-year old John Hesp, a retired businessman and casual poker player from Bridlington who became £2 million ($2,600,000) richer on Saturday, when he finished fourth out of 7,221 players who played in this year’s Main Event.

Although Scott Blumstein was the one holding all the chips in the end, winning $8,150,000 and claiming the title of the poker world champion, Hesp was definitely the story of the tournament. He captured the hearts of the fans and his fellow players with his friendly demeanor and the enthusiasm he didn’t try to hide as the tournament progressed.

Making dreams come true

Every year, the WSOP Main Event attracts thousands of professional poker players. John Hesp isn’t one of them. For him, playing in the Main Event was one of the things on his bucket list, something he really wanted to do for a long time, and he decided 2017 was the year to do it.

This year’s field was the third biggest in the WSOP history, but that didn’t stop Hesp from becoming a part of that history himself. He kept playing well and got lucky at the right times, having the time of his life while doing it. All of this helped him reach the biggest poker stage in the world – the WSOP Main Event final table.

Hesp couldn’t quite make it to the end as his run eventually concluded on Friday when he was eliminated in the fourth place. For some, this would be a disappointment, but not for Hesp who explained in his interview for BBC that he felt like he was living the dream and that he loved every minute of the tournament.

John Hesp brings fun back to poker

In the same interview, Hesp confirmed he wasn’t going to become a professional player because of this big score, and he will use the money to spoil his wife and family a bit. And, although he may not have professional aspirations, his success is certainly important for poker in general.

Several pros, including Danielle Anderson, echoed this sentiment, as they were delighted by his attitude at the tables. Amidst all the serious professional players, John Hesp was the one who brought back the fun and proved the poker dream is still alive.

Had he went on to win the whole thing, we could have had another Moneymaker-like poker boom. That said, finishing fourth in the biggest poker tournament in the world and earning $2,600,000 in the process is definitely an admirable feat and will undoubtedly serve as an inspiration for many out there.

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