2018 Card Player Poker Tour Choctaw Draws Record Turnout of 1,086 Entries

Largest Ever CPPT Choctaw Main Event Field Breaks $1 Million Guarantee
Largest Ever CPPT Choctaw Main Event Field Breaks $1 Million Guarantee

With a final total of 1,086 entries, the 2018 Card Player Poker Tour Choctaw $1,100 no-limit hold’em main event surpassed its $1 million guarantee to create a final prize pool of $1,053,420. This is the largest ever CPPT main event held at Choctaw Casino & Resort in terms of field size, blowing away the previous record of 800 players set in 2012. The top 117 players will make the money, with a min-cash being worth $1,728 while the eventual champion will walk away with $192,242.

Day 1B drew 702 entries, up from 384 entries on day 1A. After a full day of action only 78 players remained. Combined with the 42 that made it through day 1A there will be 120 players returning at noon on Sunday, April 22 with 21:51 seconds remaining in level 18. That means that this event will resume with just three eliminations remaining until the money bubble bursts.

Roger Franco bagged up 517,500 for the day 1B chip lead, with 2018 CPPT Blackhawk runner-up Alex Carmosino not far behind with 469,500. Jim Carroll from day 1A is still the overall chip leader with 676,000.

There are plenty of big names remaining in the field including Luke Stafford (311,000), Shawn Rice (298,000), Cord Garcia (243,000), Steve Sung (204,000), Chris Staats (174,000), TJ Cloutier (169,500), Abraham Araya (126,000), David Pham (125,000), 2015 CPPT Choctaw main event champion Chan Pelton (125,000), Ebony Kenney (121,000) and Omar Zazay (97,000).

Some notables who hit the rail during day 1B included 2014 CPPT Choctaw main event champion Austin Lewis, reigning WSOP Circuit Choctaw main event champion Jason Strasser, 2017 WSOP Circuit Choctaw main event champion Daniel Lowery, 2016 WSOP Circuit Choctawmain event champion Andy Philachack and 2014 WSOP Circuit Choctaw main event champion Tyler Morris.

Here is a look at the chip counts for all the players returning for day 2:

RankPlayerChip Count
1Jim Carroll676,000
2Roger Franco517,500
3Alex Carmosino469,500
4Hyejung Kim416,000
5Brant Hale400,500
6Cory Smith397,000
7Luis Escamilla376,000
8Kurt Haiss373,000
9Sandeep Vasudenan364,000
10Scott Hansen358,500
11Casey Brown343,500
12Jon Bennett338,000
13Loe Hornbuckle326,000
14Luke Stafford311,000
15Shawn Rice298,000
16Tim Carter298,000
17Ryan White295,000
18Martin Saveedo292,500
19Stefan Williams291,000
20Justin Hutton286,500
21Julian Gilden285,500
22Joe Rogers283,000
23Shaun McBride281,500
24Pej Premo278,000
25Brenda Bassett275,000
26Schuyler Thornton274,500
27Sam Murphy270,000
28Jeremy Tinsley256,000
29Harris Cashen255,000
30Tim Gray246,000
31Cord Garcia243,000
32Liviu Gurau239,500
33Simon Webster236,000
34Dale McFarland232,500
35Thao Truong228,500
36Tyler Somen227,500
37Steve Seffense225,500
38Freddie Ardoin225,000
39Brian Green223,000
40Charlie Nguyen222,500
41Ryan Freeman221,500
42Randy Clements215,000
43Steve Sung204,500
44James Price204,000
45Brian Ray194,000
46James Henson193,500
47Steven Ritchie192,000
48John Merchant190,000
49Reggi Trotter185,500
50Bee Vue180,000