$65 Single Table Tournament


NYC Poker Tour is based in midtown Manhattan near Penn Station, Times Square,  Chelsea, Macy’s, The Javits Center. New York City Poker Tour offers no limit holdem poker tournaments. NYC Poker Tour offer the most attractive poker rewards in the form of bonuses.

What is Single Table Tournament?

Single Table Tournament is a Poker Tournament and it is more commonly known as “SNG” or “Sit-n-Go”. Single Table Tournament starts at a specific time as soon as the poker table fill up and poker player have signed up for the tournament.

Tournament Schedule:

  • NL Hold’em Poker Tournament
  • Registration Open: 600 pm
  • Start Time: 630 pm.
  • Late Registration: 700 pm
  • Entry Fee: $65
  • Optional $5 dealer tip for extra chips.

Are you interested?

Come with a group and play for fun. Call # 347.471.1813 Poker Hotline for more details.