Free Poker Tournament Rules and Prizes

  • No Social Poker points are required for entry into this event.*
  • Players receive 300 Social Poker points for attending.*
  • Players must win the Free Poker Tournament to earn more Social Poker points.*
  • Players with a Social Poker Premium membership may compete for Bounty points.**
  • Players will start with 3000 in poker chips.
  • Once a player loses all of their poker chips, they are eliminated from the poker tournament.
  • Players are expected to follow the rules of poker, the code of conduct, and etiquette guidelines displayed at every Social Poker event.***

More Information:
*Social Poker points *click here for more info.
**The Social Poker premium membership *click here for more info.
***Social Poker refers to the Poker Tournament Directors Association rule book.  *Click here to view a copy of the rules.
****Social Poker Free Poker Tournament Blind Structure *click here for more info.

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