May 15th Bounty Poker Tournament


Buy In: $140

  • Freeze Out: No rebuys.  If you lose all your chips then you are eliminated from the tournament.
  • Bounty: If you ELIMIATE a player from the tournament, then you earn that players “bounty”.  Redeem your bounties at the end of the tournament for your cash prize.
    *You do not need to place in the tournament to earn a bounty.  Any player who earns a bounty, earns the cash prize.

Hosted by Pokers Finest, and Poker Fever (aka Chip Taker).

  • April 17th, Sunday @ 3pm in Williamsburg (Brooklyn), New York City.
    59 players attended the April Bounty Poker Tournament.
  • March 27th, Sunday @ 3pm in Williamsburg (Brooklyn), New York City.
    74 players attended the March $130 Bounty Tournament.

First place will be $2800 (based on 80 player attendance).

You can RSVP on Facebook.