No Limit Holde’m Low Stakes Poker Game


Low Stakes No Limit Holde’m Cash Poker Game.

Everyday on New York City Poker Tour there are some table reserves for Low Stakes Cash Game. You can play in any table out of three to five tables. Winning a Low stakes cash poker game is easy if you can maintain discipline and a little patience.

Which poker game is best for newest poker player? The answer Low stakes No Limit Holde’m Poker game.  Play low stakes as many as you can and in future and you will become a poker professional. Do you think you are one of them? Do you like private low stakes poker game? If so, come with a group of people and enjoy poker at midtown. In the low stakes no limit holde’m poker game buy in starts from $60 and you can buy maximum $300. All poker players are agrees to play minimum of two hours.  Poker rules are in general but you should know the rules before playing any game.

You need to become a member to play low stakes cash poker game because we allow members only for safety. If you are regular poker player, you are most welcome. If you come with a group you will get 5% buddy bonus for each buddy. Every player must RSVP.

If you subscribe now in our member list with your confirmation, you will get $20 credit towards any FREEROLL. Here we play Texas Holde’m from dusk till down. Doors opens at 600 pm and late poker players are welcome till down. We serve Pizza at around 11pm and breakfast is free for late poker player.

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