1/2 no-limit holdem a Fred123 Home Game


My name is Jeremy Martin, and I play poker as Fred123 (personal facebook page).  I fell in love with poker back in 2001.  Social Poker is a blog about poker games in New York City.  Every Wednesday (except for holidays) I host a 1/2 no-limit hold cash game, which is a private home game, YOU MUST BE INVITED.  I cook for my guests, and I welcome you into my home, we don’t have to best friends, but I do expect everyone to behave in a friendly and respectful manner.

This is what you can expect:

  • $1/$2 blinds
    The small blind and big blind.
  • Minimum buy in: $60
    The minimum amount of chips necessary to play in our poker game.
  • Maximum buy in: $300
    The maximum amount of chips that you can sit with in our poker game.
  • Straddles: Yes
    You can become the bigger blind, and have the last option before the flop.
  • Mississippi straddle: No
    You would have the option to act last pre-flop, if we allowed this rule.
  • Limited to 10 players.
    Only 10 seats at the poker table.
  • Food will be served (at my expense).
    I try and provide healthy and home cooked food for my guests.  Tips are appreciated.
  • BYOB
    Bring your own beer.  You must buy and bring your own beer.  I do not provide beer.

I ask that players arrive around 730 or 8pm.  If you can not arrive on time, please let me know ahead of time.  It’s okay to show up later, just don’t RSVP for 8pm then.

Please contact me at Fred123@socialpoker.tv or text/call 347.471.1813.  Thank you.

Social Poker provides the ultimate poker experience in New York City.
Casino quality poker tables, chips, cards, and dealers.

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