March Madness on the Poker Felt


What is up New York City Poker Players?

What can I tell you?  F**k, where do I begin?  Personally,  life has been going up and down.  Seriously, if you really want to know what happened to me – check out my personal facebook page.

Last year I started my blog, Social Poker, and if you’ve followed me through all the twists, turns, hoops, and various other falling stars, then you must want to know what is going to happen when all the dust settles.

The doors of my midtown Manhattan poker club at 36th street and 8th Avenue, near Penn Station and Times Square are permanently closed.  What happened?  Maximo Photography, formerly of Suite 301, did not pay January 2012 rent.  After thinking about it, I just decided to close up shop.

I’ve taken about four weeks to work on a few projects:

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