Life in the Holdem Grinder. A No Limit Poker Journal. 12/13/11.


Recap of Tuesday no limit poker action by Fred123.  December 13th 2011.

My no limit poker game started at 7 pm.  We started the night with a single table holdem poker tournament.  $70 buy in and winner takes all.  The whole thing only took about 3 hours.  Jeff won the poker tournament.  Congratulations.

The $1/$1 no limit cash game started around 9pm.  Average buy in was $120.  The game was 8 handed.  The poker game broke at 2am.

I play a little holdem every night after work.  Typically a 2 hour no limit session.

$2/$5 no limit holdem.  Session started at midnight.  Session over at 3am.  Buy in for $500.  Cash out for $840.

The cash game action had begun much earlier around 8pm.  There were three players with at least $2,000.  Small pots for a couple hundred dollars went back and forth. The largest pot of the night was $2,700.  This can be a pretty deep stack $2/$5 no limit game.  Players can buy in for a maximum of $1500.  The game was 8 handed until 3am.  At 430am there was wait list.  $7000 on the felt, maybe more.

I didn’t get involved in any major pots.  I took down $200+ with pocket aces.  However, seat 3 made an amazing  call on the river tonight.  There was only $170 in the pot when seat 9 gets the bet up to $500 on the river.  No limit holdem, there almost no money in the middle compared to the bet, and seat 3 makes the call showing pocket sevens.  Seat 9 only has ace high, and $1170 is in the pot.  WTF?  Sick call?  Crazy call?

Wednesday NYC Poker Events

  • $20 New York City Poker Tour Signature poker tournament.  Seating from 7pm – 8pm.  $20 add on at 9pm for 10,000 chips.
  • 100% New York Free Poker bar poker tournament.
  • $1/$1 cash game at the Late Night Low Stakes Poker Club.
  • $1/$3 no limit holdem cash game.  Private event.

NOTICE: $120 Filmed Poker Tournament.  Sunday @ 6pm rescheduled for January 14th.  Footage will be edited into video hand history.  Winner Takes All.

SPECIAL EVENT: $140 Monthly Bounty Tournament.  Sunday @ 3pm.  Private event.

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