Doomsday Poker Tournament #1 (by Late Night Poker Main Event)


The first thing you should know about Late Night Poker Main Event is that LNPME has been around for three years, and is sponsored by the Poker Players Alliance.  LNPME is based in Long Island City, New York and you can only attend Late Night Poker games if you contact the host, Dan Gottlieb at with your interest in attending.

Contact Dan at

Tournament poker is played following standard no limit hold em poker rules.

  • The games are a tournament structure with the champion with all the chips taking first prize.
  • This party has a $100.00 entry fee.
  • This is a bounty game everyone is worth $20.00.
  • Knock out a player and you still leave with money.
  • In this tournament the denominations in chips are 10,000 per player.
  • The prize pool is paid out as follows: 1st, 2nd
  • (3rd only if there is 14 players, 4th if there is 21 players & 5th if there is 27 or more)
  • The dealer does not participate in active game play, they cannot suggest betting or talk to people mid hand while responsible for flopping cards.
  • The rules for this game follow strict WSOP guidelines so all penalties and game play applies.
  • Add ons are allowed during the first break, they are half your starting stack and are allowed after round 4.
  • If anyone loses a pot then it is the dealer who sends the chips to the winner, or the winner themselves who claims the pot.
  • When two players reach the final table the blinds jump one round higher and the blinds are 10 minutes with a battle heads up.
  • The rules are final and are not subject to debate or change.

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