Deep Stake Bounty Poker Tourney


NYC Poker Tour is based in midtown Manhattan: near Penn Station, Times Square, Macy’s, Chelsea, The Javits Center. New York City Poker Tour offers no limit holdem poker tournaments.

New York City Poker Tour – no limit holdem poker tournaments with cash prizes.

Bounty is a poker tournament that rewards a prize for knocking out a pre-determined player for eliminating another player. Players are welcome to join the tournament until 730pm. Call ahead if running late.

  • No Limit Holdem poker tournament.
  • Poker players start with 20,000 chips.
  • Registration Fee is $10 online.
  • $20 at the door.
  • $5 dealer tips for 5,000 extra chips which is optional.
  • Buy in $60
  • 15,000 Chips
  • $20 Bounty
  • No rebuys.
  • The deep stake Seating @645 pm
  • Game starts @7.00 pm.
  • Late registration until 730.

If you would like to play in this tournament, signup now and shoot a message to 347.471.1813