Daily $1/$1 NLHE Cash Game


No Limit Holdem Poker in New York City.

Low Stakes Cash Game by Fred123 – Home games, office games, poker clubs, private poker rooms, etc.

Would you like to play poker at a private low stakes poker game? We play no limit texas holdem.

  • This is a cash game.
  • $50 minimum buy in.
  • $300 maximum buy in.
  •  Every player must be a member.
  • Every player must RSVP.
  • Every player agrees to play for a minimum of 2 hours each session.
  • Players are welcome to arrive anytime between 5p – 6a.

My name is Jeremy Martin.  I am the organizer of this group.  I have been a poker guy since 2001.  My poker handle is Fred123.  Comments, questions, suggestions – contact me.