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Life in the Holdem Grinder. A No Limit Poker Journal. 12/13/11.

Recap of Tuesday no limit poker action by Fred123.  December 13th 2011. My no limit poker game started at 7 pm.  We started the night...

Low Stakes Cash Poker Game in New York City

Attention no limit holdem poker players!Do you enjoy playing no limit poker? Are you looking for a low stakes holdem game?Awesome, my name is Jeremy...

$100 Charity Poker Tournament for Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

This is a no limit holdem charity poker tournament.Friday October 21st.  Registration @ 6pm.  Playing @ 7pm. ALL MONIES go towards the MS150 ride. $100 buy...

How to win the New York City Poker Tour FREEROLL

New York City Poker Tour hosts no limit holdem poker tournaments in NYC.That's good for people who want to play poker.  But what about...

The 2nd Annual Wallstreet Warfighters Charity Poker Tournament

The 2nd Annual Annual Wallstreet Warfighters Charity Poker Tournament will raise money for the Wall Street Warfighters Foundation.

Julia’s Angels JDRF Charity Poker Tournament

The First Annual Julia's Angels JDRF Charity Poker Tournament will raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.The No Limit Holdem Charity Fundraiser will be...

New York City Poker Tour closed? Nope, relocating!

New York City Poker Tour is not closing. It's relocating. Click to read more.

Legal Poker Tournaments in NYC

New York City Poker Tour offers no limit holdem tournaments in the East Village, near several lower Manhattan subway stations.Currently it is legal to play poker in New York, but until mid-summer it was ILLEGAL to run a poker business. Now there are three bar poker leagues in NYC. Underground poker clubs have become common knowledge, partially due to Rounders and mostly due to the rampant success of Chris Moneymaker, ESPN, and the World Series of Poker. Poker is a classic American past time and also a crime? (The USA can be such a weird place).New York City Poker Tour offers no limit poker tournaments with cash prizes. And all without breaking the law.If you played in a New York Free Poker event, you would play in a free bar poker tournament. No cash entry. No cash prize. The Grand Prize winners earn a trip to Las Vegas (airfare not included) and a seat at the WPT (World Poker Tour) Amateur Championship League (there are no cash prizes if you win this event, not even for 1st place). *look on the WPTAPL siteIf you played in a Poker Pro America event, you would pay to play in holdem tournament for points. There is NO cash prize. Players who win multiple poker tournaments earn entry into casino poker tournaments to compete in high stakes holdem tournaments.New York City Poker Tour offers holdem tournaments with cash prizes.New York City Poker Tour offers free poker tournaments at local bars.New York City Poker Tour has a point system that allows players to earn entry in to high stakes casino poker tournaments.New York City Poker Tour is located at 27 Ave C between 2nd and 3rd street. The first poker hall of New York.Poker is an activity that many different people find fun, entertaining, engaging, challenging... Poker brings people together.My name is Fred123** and I run this place. Looking forward to seeing you on the felt. **friend me on facebookWe opened in July. By August my art project will be complete. I won't be starting renovations until 2012 (we have to survive the end of the world, ya'know?).If you want to get my weekly emails, click here. You can see pictures on facebook, and videos on youtube. www.MySocialPoker.com is my blog about the poker experience in NYC.

Fred123 creates New York City Poker Tour.

July 13th 2011. Day16.  It's 3am and I can't sleep.I started keeping records for every game on Day8. There were only 2 games on...

Winning Sit-n-Go poker tournaments (part 1)

Basic strategies to win money in a sit-n-go no limit holdem tournament.
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